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Mind Your Language: 1x7

The Cheating Game

Miss Courtney tells Jeremy to prepare the class for their upcoming exam. Jeremy is not encouraged by their answers to his questions. He advises them to study the questions for a mock exam he is giving them after tea break. Giovanni & Max have a plan to pass the exam & make Jeremy happy with their progress, He’s going to steal the answers. Jeremy meets Miss Courtney in the corridor and she tells him if the class doesn’t pass she’ll end the course at once.! Jeremy tells Gladys his problem, Gladys suggests he leave the answers on the desk where the students can find them. Jeremy leaves the answers on the desk & goes to the canteen, Giovanni & Max find the answers & copy them. Miss Courtney tells Jeremy she’ll give the class the exam & he can wait outside. One by one the students ask for a toilet break & take their books with them. Miss Courtney collects the books to mark them & Jeremy gives her back the answer sheet. She realises that the answers are from last years test,

Feb. 10, 1978

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