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Mind Your Language: 1x4

All Through the Night

Max & Giovanni meet Sid the Janitor in the cafeteria. Sid teaches them some cockney rhyming slang. Jeremy comes in with a bag full of groceries for that evenings lesson & they walk to the classroom together. Jeremy wants the class to identify the items he’s holding up & then asks if everyone completed the homework he gave them the night before. When no one has completed it he tells them they’ll have to finish it before he lets them go home. Sid is locking up the school for the night thinking everyone has gone home. He locks Jeremy’s classroom door & then goes to the pub for a drink. When Jeremy realises they’re locked in and asks if anybody will miss them & come looking for them the class says no. So to pass the time he suggests the students tell jokes, Juan tells a joke in spanish & no one understands. When Sid is leaving the pub,his friend Charlie sees the light on in the classroom & everyone waving. Sid has to get Miss Courtney out of bed to Investigate. After the

Jan. 20, 1978

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