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Mind Your Language: 1x2

An Inspector Calls

Miss Courtney tells Jeremy to expect a new student from Africa. An Inspector from the board of education calls to see Miss Courtney & drops in on Jeremy’s class without warning to observe how he gives the lesson. Jeremy welcomes the inspector Roger Kenyon into the class believing that he is the new African student Miss Courtney told him about. During a tea break Jeremy goes to see Miss Courtney & tells him there’s an Inspector in the building. Jeremy tells her not to worry, He’ll sort it out. Back in class Jeremy calls the attendance roll & tells the class what he thinks about Inspectors & their old fashioned ways. Mr Kenyon is listening to what Jeremy is saying, when Miss Courtney walks in to the room & sees Mr Kenyon sitting in the back row. She apologises to him for Jeremy’s remarks & tells Jeremy that Mr Kenyon is the school inspector. Later when the Inspector’s wife comes looking for him, Jeremy mistakes her for the new African student & makes another embarrasing mi

Jan. 06, 1978

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