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Mind Your Language: 1x13

The Examination

Ali,Giovanni & Max are in the pub. Ali is playing the poker machine & is sure he’ll win soon.! He runs out of 10p coins & asks Jeremy who has just walked in if he has any coins. While Ali’s back is turned, Ranjeet comes in,places 10p in the ‘pokie’ & wins the jackpot.! Jeremy tells them they should be studying for the upcoming exam not wasting time in the pub.!

Jeremy is walking to the bar when a lady customer thinks he works there & gives him her order. Jeremy says he doesn’t work there, He’s a teacher. The lady thinks Jeremy has two jobs. He buys the drinks for the lady, her husband & himself. He forgets which one is his & takes a sip out of one. When Jeremy asks the lady for the money for the drinks, her husband refuses to pay because he saw Jeremy take a sip of one of them. The man insults Jeremy, Jeremy insults him back & pours the drink on the mans head & leaves.

Later, Jeremy is telling the class about the exam when Miss Courtney wants him to meet the examiner. Jerem

Mar. 24, 1978

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