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Mind Your Language: 1x10

Hello Sailor

Juan brings his new friend Boris, a Russian sailor to class with him. He asks Boris to wait in the canteen until after the lesson. Jeremy asks the class for words begining with the letters A, B, C etc. When Juan comes in late he apologises & takes his seat. Meanwhile Miss Courtney has found Boris & asks Gladys to tell Jeremy she wants to see him in the canteen. Juan & Jeremy go to the canteen to see Miss Courtney & Juan tells them Boris has fallen in love with a British girl & wants to stay in the U.K. Jeremy,Juan & Boris return to class & Jeremy introduces Boris to the students, telling them that Boris wants to defect to the west. Then he continues with the lesson until Gladys interupts to tell Jeremy that Miss Courtney wants to see him in her office.

Jeremy is introduced to Captain Ivan Ivanovich. He tells Jeremy that Boris has to come back to the ship with him & return to Russia.

After they leave the lesson continues again, until it’s interupted by Capt. Ivanovich. Now h

Mar. 03, 1978

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